[CentOS] Routing of outgoing packets

John Doe jdmls at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 30 11:02:21 EDT 2010

From: Mitja Mihelič <mitja.mihelic at arnes.si>
> I am trying to use hping to chek the latency of our network.
> Somehow things are not going to plan and I thought someone might be able 
> to shed some light on the subject.
> Here is the setup:
> (the IP addresses gvien here are fake, but they do represent the correct 
> state of the networking setup)
> vlan      interface      IP                      mask
> V2        eth0     32
> V4        eth1         32
> V6        eth2         32
> The default route is set to eth1.
> The idea is to use eth2 for pinging only, the other two interfaces are 
> used by another service and management access.

Could you show the ifconfig and route outputs...?



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