[CentOS] Traffic shaping on CentOS

Fri Sep 10 07:29:48 UTC 2010
Mintairov Mikhail <mikxalich at yandex.ru>

> I've been trying to do traffic shaping on one of my public servers and
> after reading up, it seems like the way to do so is via tc/htb.
> However, most of the documentation seems at least half a decade old
> with nothing new recently.
> Furthermore, trying to get documentation on tc filters turned up a
> blank. man tc refers to a tc-filters (8) but trying to man that gives
> a no such page/section error. Googling on this seems to imply that the
> documentation was never created. The author also seems to have stop
> updating his blog/company site since 2007 based on the last login date
> on netherlabs.nl
> So I'm wondering is tc the current and recommended method for traffic
> shaping on CentOS or is there some newer method that has superceded
> it?

Yes, it still work pretty on CentOS. I don't remember what documentation I 
used when I set up traffic shaping on my server, but there was no problems. So 
I think you can try to use the documentation that you have found.