[CentOS] https

Thu Sep 16 15:53:17 UTC 2010
Kevin Thorpe <kevin at pibenchmark.com>

  On 16/09/2010 16:45, Jerry Geis wrote:
> hi all,
> I wish to just have secure browsing for my application.
> no credit cards or anything like that just secure browser usage is the goal.
> I can self sign a certificate (I already have) on my servers but for
> "anyone" accessing the server
> you see this "nasty" message about "untrusted sight " and all that.
> This will all be intranet type usage for the server.
> What is the best method to not see that "untrusted sight" and have the
> certificate load without
> and exception?
Sorry, but you need to buy a certificate. It needs to be signed by an 
authority which already
has a master certificate in the end user's browser. We use Thawte but 
there are cheaper
options such as <cough> GoDaddy who offer them for less than GBP 10.