[CentOS] Cent OS clustering and Support.

Fri Apr 1 09:56:51 UTC 2011
Kumar, Ranjan <Ranjan.Kumar at lsi.com>


We are a Channel product team within LSI and we are trying to add Cent OS 5.5 to our compatibility Matrix. We found out that LSI currently has a relationship with CentOS for another project on the Internal Storage division but not with the OS Certification team. We require some information on CentOS which will help us plan the deliverables. And considering the timelines we need to deliver at it will be great if someone from CentOS can help us out in this regard. If anybody else also can answer these in the mailing list, we would be grateful. The questions that we have are as follows:-

1)      Cluster Support :

*         Does CentOS 5.5 provides native cluster support ?

*         Is there any cluster suite available for CentOS 5.5 ?

*         Can we use the cluster suite in CentOS 4 for 5.5.

2)      Does CentOS have any self Certification tool which allows OEMs/Vendors to qualify the OS and post it in their compatibility matrix?

One we start our qualification, we might need some help in resolving issues/defects on CentOS. Can we open a channel or Point of contact who will be able to help us out with such issues.

I would also request to forward this email to the right forum if the mailing list we are sending to is not the appropriate one.

Thanks and Regards.
Kumar Ranjan
LSI Technologies.

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