[CentOS] php53 and pear

Tue Apr 5 15:15:54 UTC 2011
Michael Simpson <mikie.simpson at gmail.com>

Hi all

We require some packages installed through pecl (apc and memcache)
which we have done on CentOS 5.5 by installing php 5.2 from testing
and also installing php-devel and php-pear to much success! We would
like to move to php 5.3 after 5.6 comes out but I note that there is
no specific php53-pear package in testing and the php-pear srpm in the
5server directory on ftp rc com seems to be quite old.
I also note that there was a php53-pear.spec posted in this list file
with (?unsanctioned) mention of the possibility of this going in

Is it prudent to install pear using the php go-pear.phar method for
php53 and will this then give me access to pecl though with the same
downside as using cpan for perl (do not want) or will there be an
"official" php53-pear rpm available through centos.org?

I'm sorry if this has been answered before but my google-fu seems to
be letting me down.