[CentOS] CentOS ToDo Item - For the Wiki - Hosting Control Panels - Help?

Sat Apr 9 09:26:52 UTC 2011
Mister IT Guru <misteritguru at gmx.com>

Dear List,

I've taken a look at the TODO page http://wiki.centos.org/ToDo and I've
picked something at random to ask a question about and see if we can get
it done!

"Add page for Hosting control panels - we seem to get a lot of people
asking about them"

I spotted this quote - What exactly does this mean? Does it mean that
people want instructions on how to install some sort of web based admin
panel? Or that they want one to be part of the distro as standard?

RHEL doesn't have one (AFAIK) - so, I'm a bit lost as to what this
means. Either way, our TODO page is too long, and I'm determined to
blank it out.

My aim, is to get some traction on this, so we can remove it from the
ToDo page. So, I guess we can start with a clear definition of the
requirement, and then move on from there.

Discuss :)