[CentOS] KVM resources?

Mon Apr 11 13:01:15 UTC 2011
Jussi Hirvi <greenspot at greenspot.fi>

Later this week I will have to install a serious KVM setup, and I am 
looking for background material.

I found a nice how-to:


...but it is probably partly outdated by now.

Then there is a fine virtualization manual:


...but it seems to be only for xen.

I plan to use either CentOS 5.6 or Scientific Linux 6.0 as the host 
system. Though I don't know yet, if v6.0 will bring any actual benefits 
over 5.6.

My guests will all be CentOS 4 or 5. Disk I/O will probably be a 
potential bottleneck. I am interested in the "block device" strategy, 
and could use more info about it.

- Jussi

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