[CentOS] KVM, virsh attach-disk error

Fri Apr 22 17:33:56 UTC 2011
Jussi Hirvi <listmember at greenspot.fi>

I try to add a fresh, unformatted disk partition to a KVM guest. I
follow the directions given here:


First I check that the module acpiphp is present on the guest. It is.

On the host I write:

virsh attach-disk test1 /dev/sdb1 sda --driver tap --mode shareable

- test1 is my guest domain
- /dev/sdb1 is the name of the unformatted partition on the host
- sda is what it is supposed to be called on the guest (the name is
unused on the guest)
- the example in RHEL Virtualization guide says "--mode readonly". This
does not sound right for a hard disk; hence I try "--mode shareable";
the error (see below) however is the same, whichever I use

Now, the command above produces this error. I find no google results
with this error text. Can someone tell, what causes the error?

> error: Failed to attach disk error: operation failed: adding scsi
> disk controller failed: type scsi not a hotpluggable PCI device.
> failed to add if=scsi

- Jussi

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