[CentOS] Download the repo DAG of CentOS 5.5

Sun Apr 3 19:15:08 UTC 2011
Winter <winter at frostmarch.com>

On 4/3/2011 2:33 PM, Fidel Dominguez-Valero wrote:
> Yes, I know that, but I want to download for make a local repository

My apologies, Fidel.  I didn't pick up on that when I read your post.

Install yum-utils, which will provide reposync.

Of course install the rpmforge repo RPM.

For an initial download:

# reposync -g -r rpmforge -p /local/destination/directory

The man page is pretty straightforward, you should be able to whip up a 
cron job to keep the local repo up to date.