[CentOS] Kernel Panic on HP/Compaq ProLiant G7

Mon Apr 4 15:37:04 UTC 2011
Windsor Dave L. (AdP/TEF7) <Dave.Windsor at us.bosch.com>

On 4/1/2011 1:44 PM, Windsor Dave L. (AdP/TEF7) wrote:
> On 3/24/2011 11:03 AM, Windsor Dave L. (AdP/TEF7.1) wrote:
>> Hello Everyone,
>> I recently installed CentOS 5.5 x86_64 on a brand new ProLiant DL380 G7.  I have identical OS software running reock-solid on two other DL380 ProLiant servers, but they are G6 models, not G7.  On the G7, the installation went perfectly and the machine ran great for about 2 weeks, when it just seemed to "stop".  The system stopped responding on the network, and there was no video on the console (or remote console via iLO).  It would not reboot or cold boot through iLO, I actually had to hold the power to turn it off and then hit it again to power up.

> OK everyone, here is an update:
> The server crashed again overnight. This time, the following error
> messages were on the console:
>       CPU 3: Machine Check Exception:                4 Bank 5:
> ba00000000400405
>       TSC 5172b45d44f0a MISC 80
>       This is not a software problem!
>       Run through mcelog --ascii to decode and contact your hardware vendor


> I have been able to move all workloads onto other servers.  As at least
> two people suggested, I booted from the HP SmartStart CD and ran 100
> loops of systems diagnostics and tests, especially for the memory and
> CPU.  No problems were found.  I think I will run memtest86 over the
> weekend.
> Best Regards,
> Dave Windsor

This is interesting...  I tried to load memtest86 from the CentOS 5.5 
Install DVD, and the system immediately rebooted.  I eventually loaded 
memtest86 from an OpenSUSE 11.4 install DVD I had laying around, and 
that ran OK.

I ran memtest86+ starting Friday about 6 pm and stopping Monday morning 
at 10:45 am.  Almost 70 full passes were completed, and no errors were 

Best Regards,

Dave Windsor

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