[CentOS] Centos 6 Update?

Mon Apr 4 22:45:47 UTC 2011
Gilbert Sebenste <sebenste at weather.admin.niu.edu>

On Tue, 5 Apr 2011, Hendrik wrote:

> Now is the time to change that.
> Maybe CentOS just needs a new leadership?

Maybe its users need to realize that:

1. This entire thing is run by volunteers

2. This has been a very difficult release
because of various apparent RedHat changes

3. Some releases were be faster---or slower---
than others

4. Centos 4.9, 5.6 and 6.0 hit at pretty much the same time

5. A properly configured firewall and the latest 5.5 patches,
along with smart web browsing, indicates that there
should be few if any security problems with C5.5 as it
is now (sure, there are bugs, most of them local or
DOS attacks, and I have yet to hear of one yet)

6. When it seems like they are close, another bug or issue(s) is/are found

7. I'm beta testing software done by volunteers and people are complaining 
about "when's the new release", when there are multiple issues 
evolving/changing externally that hamper our release.

So with #7, I personally get why this has been "late", as defined by some 
users. But, as Karanbir and others have stated: there is no timeline, it's 
when we can get to it. Typically 4-8 weeks, but this one has proven 
problematic. And again, more fingers in the honeypot can make things 
worse, especially when a release is trying to get pushed out the door.

Now, Karanbir does realize that communication needed to be improved, and 
when there's new developments, he posts it now on Twitter. But I'd rather 
him solve the issues, than dealing with the repeated "um, hey guys, you're 
REALLY late now!". I'm sure they wanted it out the door two months ago.
During a release is not when a project needs help. It's starting on the 
next one...thinking CentoS 5.7/6.1.

Otherwise, some people really need to sit down and think if CentOS is what 
is needed, or RHEL. And as RedHat throws more monkey wrenches into their 
source, which could force anyone making a distro from RHEL harder and 
harder in the future, are you willing to wait 12-16 weeks for a new 
release? If not, head to RHEL in your next budget cycle, or something 
else. But having "been there, done that", the only thing I would have done 
differently with C5.6 is posted a few times "still have issues we're 
working on, no release date in sight yet", or words to that effect, and 
Karanbir is doing that now. Well, did; he said it should be syncing to the 
mirrors soon. Yay! Can't wait to upgrade.

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