[CentOS] Printers, aka an old time sysadmin

Wed Apr 6 00:48:35 UTC 2011
Dr. Ed Morbius <dredmorbius at gmail.com>

on 15:05 Tue 05 Apr, m.roth at 5-cent.us (m.roth at 5-cent.us) wrote:
> Well, today, I feel like a real, old time sysadmin. Now, I didn't have to
> write a driver in assembly for the printer, but....
> We got this huge, 44" HP Designjet z3200ps printer. Only supports Win and
> Mac. Fine, I hang it off of one of our servers on a subnet (at $0.96/foot
> paper, we're the only ones who print on it....). Then I'm thinking that
> all I really need is a .ppd. My co-worker, who's also got a Mac, d/l's the
> Mac driver and extracts the .ppd. The Windoze one is apparently buried in
> a dll, you see....
> I then figured out how to hack a .ppd.
> First, I found an ifdef construction, for Mac-only information. That
> worked on the small paper (24" width roll, "small"). Then the real paper,
> the 42" stuff. Why HP sells a 44" printer, but 42" paper, dunno, but....
> there's no option for large format printing. After a pointless waste of
> half an hour on HP's "live chat" (not sure how many chats the guy was on),
> he tells me there's no driver. I call HP support, and talk to someone who
> seems to know a little more... but is sorta fuzzy on .ppd's, and then
> tells me that there ought to be an option to set a custom size, and seems
> to confirm what I read (in vi) in the ppd, that there are no settings for
> 42" paper.
> So I hacked it, and added settings for 42"x34", and 42"x60" (the usual
> size for posters). A lot was cut, paste, and substitute, but the one
> gotcha is that the actual paper size that the printer sees is in points.
> Once I got that, it worked beautifully.
> Anyone needs any info about hacking a .ppd, feel free to email me; if you
> have a beast of a z3200ps, I'll be glad to send you a copy of mine.

A task with a very laudable history:


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