[CentOS] Feeding CentOS build results to twitter (was: Centos 6 Update?)

Wed Apr 6 06:32:19 UTC 2011
Emmanuel Noobadmin <centos.admin at gmail.com>

> This was done on a trailling basis for a couple side arch's
> builders by me and another.  It turns out to be a lot of
> chatter and 'noise', and not much 'signal'

Although it might not be of any real use in indicating when a version
would be ready, I think it helps a lot psychologically when people can
see that something is being done, even if it's discovering bugs that
will push back the release.

A lot of the anxiety seems to be about the silence about any kind of
progress. A tweet or post of that nature once a week takes maybe all
of 1 minute to send but would reduce a lot of the unpleasant noise I
see being tossed up on the forum and lists. I suspect it would be less
frustrating for the devs as well by reducing the amount of bitching
and offers of help they don't want at this point.