[CentOS] 32-bit kernel+XFS+16.xTB filesystem = potential disaster

Wed Apr 6 17:40:46 UTC 2011
Finnur Örn Guðmundsson <finnzi at finnzi.com>

On 6.4.2011 17:27, Warren Young wrote:
> On 4/5/2011 11:24 AM, Brandon Ooi wrote:
>> Afaik 32-bit binaries do run on the 64-bit build and compat libraries
>> exist for most everything. You should evaluate if you really *really*
>> need 32-bit.
> Yes, thanks for assuming I don't know what I was talking about when I
> wrote that we had a hard requirement for 32-bit in this application.
> Since you seem to care, we're stuck with 32-bit for this particular
> server because it needs to use an uncommon PCI card that does have Linux
> drivers but they only work with 32-bit kernels.  The driver will rebuild
> against a 64-bit kernel, but it oopses it when you try to use it.  The
> card is a legacy design, so no one has bothered to do debug this, and
> likely no one ever will.
> And before you ask, no, there is no direct replacement for this PCI card
> that does support 64-bit kernels.  The path forward is to use an
> entirely different technology, which is great, but using it requires
> changing physical infrastructure ($$$) that the server plugs into.
> Legacy is hard.  Next time someone tells you they can't use the latest
> and greatest for some reason, you might take them at their word.
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Just a shot in the dark....but can't you have a x86_64 NFS server export 
a fs larger then 16TB and mount that on your x86 machine for use with 
your application?