[CentOS] Understanding yum automatic upgrades

Wed Apr 6 18:04:47 UTC 2011
email builder <emailbuilder88 at yahoo.com>

> > Do you know how to determine which repo a  particular package is from?  For 
> > example, when I do "yum info"  against clamav (which isn't receiving 
> > updates), it just says  "Repo: installed".  I don't know what repo it comes 
> > 
> "yum  list clamav --showduplicates" should show you all clamav packages 
> available  in all repos, and will show the installed version so you can 
> compare.

Command line error: no such option: --showduplicates

> Also, do you have some software that could do updates  automaticaly? I 
> think Virtualmin (like Webmin but for domain control,  CPanel, etc.) can 
> be set to do automatic  updates.

I'm not looking for an auto-update system, I'm just trying to understand the one 
that is currently running (yum-updatesd and whomever is listening on the other 
end of dbus).  

It seems to work for the most part, but I want to understand why some packages 
don't get upgraded.  A partial answer I got to that was that such packages would 
be from non-enabled repos, but when I do a "yum upgrade clamav" from the command 
line, it works fine -- doesn't that mean that the repo *IS* enabled?