[CentOS] 32-bit kernel+XFS+16.xTB filesystem = potentialdisaster

Wed Apr 6 19:51:54 UTC 2011
Warren Young <warren at etr-usa.com>

On 4/6/2011 12:25 PM, Brunner, Brian T. wrote:
> Don't scream: I'm using RedHat 7.3 for related reasons.

Yep, we've still got a bunch of those running in the field, too, and 
many older besides.  We still build new boxes using CentOS 3, also for 
legacy compatibility reasons.

> can a 64-bit system KVM-host a
> 32-bit OS to handle just that board and its application?

It's something we could try on the next server, but I don't hold much 
hope that it would actually work.

I know KVM has the VirtIO feature for paravirtualizing a block or 
network device into the guest space, but that doesn't help here.  The 
/dev nodes for this device are character devices.

Additionally, this device doesn't fit into any of the standard 
categories; it isn't a network card, it isn't a disk controller, it 
isn't a VGA card, etc.  VM systems tend to cope poorly with hardware 
that doesn't fit predefined categories.