[CentOS] CentOS-5.5 Live CD & netinstall

Thu Apr 7 15:25:51 UTC 2011
Les Mikesell <lesmikesell at gmail.com>

On 4/7/2011 10:08 AM, m.roth at 5-cent.us wrote:
>>>>> There is one quirk about USB booting that I forgot: it is likely to
>>>>> confuse the installer's concept of disk names and where to install
>>>>> grub.
>>>> The thing to watch for with this is "Disk ordering" in the grub setup
>>>> (only in the graphical installer). Generally Anaconda remaps your
>>>> devices so the USB stick becomes /dev/sda, then you get Grub installed
>>>> on the stick.
>>> I solved all of that last year, and the link I posted covered it all.
>> I gave up reading that when I saw stuff about converting an iso to a usb
>> boot, none of which needs to be done for an nfs install using the
>> boot.img which is already usable.  Do you have a link for the relevant
>> part?
> The OP, I *think*, was asking how to install without a DVD drive - it
> wasn't clear to me what they needed, but since they talked about not
> having a drive for optical media, I assumed they were looking for
> alternatives besides network install.

No, he has another linux box and a network.  The only issue is booting 
into the installer without a CD/DVD drive.

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