[CentOS] Centos 6 Update?

Thu Apr 7 19:54:17 UTC 2011
Ljubomir Ljubojevic <office at plnet.rs>

Ian Murray wrote:
>> If you WANT a service level agreement with me, then you may  contract for
>> one.  If you pay me enough, I will guarantee you updates on  what ever
>> schedule you are willing to pay for.  I will be very  professional in my
>> dealings with you in that case too.
>> When you want  something that is provided for free, and when you want to
>> treat me like you  are paying me a million dollars a year to give it to
>> you, guess what  ...
>> You can also get service level agreements from Red Hat or from Oracle  or
>> Novell.
> Politeness costs nothing, though, doesn't it?

I can see that ability to drive people (devs in this case) mad/sick of 
asking questions also costs nothing.

I own small WISP and when I started my link to upstream ISP (their gear) 
would brake dozens of times every night. And I had customers that wanted 
perfect internet experience and would call me all the time to bash at me 
even when I constantly told them that I am not able to impact current 
state of the link (and I poured a lot of money into various solutions). 
I even had one "mental patient" that whined if he was not able to ALWAYS 
have 100% of paid throughput even thou I never committed to that level 
of service.

Then I learned my lesson and my answer was: "You do not like how it 
works? OK, I will HELP you move to another provider (that was in fact 
worst then me), just that I could have my peace of mind. Some even 
protested, but each and every one were moved/disconnected and I was able 
to have normal private life.

So I know exactly how CentOS devs feel when people here (very very very 
very small percentage of millions of CentOS installations around the 
world) constantly bash at them that they are incompetent (That IS what 
you/they constantly say). I am really getting sick of that attitude, and 
I actually planned to convert 90-100% of my currently used CentOS 5.5 
servers and desktops to CentOS 6.0 in late December.

My entire schedule (that involves tiding up my business clients and my 
residence relocation to nearby town) was planed around CentOS 6.0 
release in 2010. But I choose not to bash on them like the "broken 
records" here. "I want my FREE stuff NOW, NOW, NOW...", etc...