[CentOS] Centos 6 Update?

Thu Apr 7 21:10:15 UTC 2011
Ljubomir Ljubojevic <office at plnet.rs>

Ian Murray wrote:
>> If you  do not like how your hairdresser does you hair you will go to 
>> other one. If  you do not like the taste of bread you are buying, you 
>> will go and by from  other bakery.
> I have never been insulted or belittled by my hairdresser as we discuss how my 
> hair is best cut. My bakery has refused to sell me sliced bread because it was 
> too hot to slice... however, they kindly explained when I should come back if I 
> wished such that the bread would suitably be ready. No drama.

And how many times have you returned to ask if that same bread was 
ready? And in what intervals were you coming back to ask? Every 5 
minutes? And how many people also came to same bakery to ask if your 
bread was ready?

There is an sketch (TV joke): Guy comes every morning and asks for 500 
pretzels and when baker says no he goes unhappy. After 5-10 days of 
this, baker one day bakes 500 more pretzels and waits for that customer. 
  Guy comes, looks around at hung pretzels and asks again if they have 
500 pretzels. Baker says yes. Guys mouth widens in broad grin and he 
says: I wonder how you are going to sell all of those and turns around 
and leaves the bakery.

My point is that devs are human, and when pricked they bleed, and when 
(constantly) provoked (by mostly the same few people) they lash out.