[CentOS] Centos 6 Update?

Thu Apr 7 23:02:27 UTC 2011
Ljubomir Ljubojevic <office at plnet.rs>

Tamada Wilder wrote:
> Ian Murray hits the point.
> now i followed this list for some mounth and im gonna change also my
> last boxes to SL.
> I've never seen so strange and useless comments from devs in any other
> mailinglist before.
> The information politic is just horrible bad, devs act very ignorant
> and insult people, reject offers from people that want to help.
> This is everything else then enterprise-class.
> Good luck with this direction.

You see, when ever I asked for time frame I was given civil answer. Not 
even once I received rude comment (that I can think off). But I am aware 
  of what is happening behind the scenes. I do not have inside info, 
just have compiling knowledge, I read everything that was posted and I 
use my own brain to full capacity. I do not have bone to pick with devs, 
I do not think I am God given and all-knowing and I always keep in mind 
that this is something they do in their *spare* time. Just think how 
would you feel is you would read 10-20 e-mails per day about how you 
suck and how you are not capable to produce results. After how many 
attacks on you would you snap? Don't just look at obvious, at 
consequences, look also at the source of the problem (with too strong 
replies from dev team ). How long would you allow proverbial lady with 
the feather on her hat to tickle your face/nose until you would grab 
that feather and broke it in two when lady would shrug you off as a mad 
man for asking her to take the hat off?

SL's developers do that for a living, they are paid to create SL (Fermi 
Linux actually). Also, take notice that SL 5.6 is in *TEST* phase, they 
did release 6.0 before CentOS, but they are still to finish 5.6 which 
most of people here wanted done first.

Karanbir already said he will document and publish everything about 
rebuild process once CentOS 6.0 (6.1 most likely) is finished, and they 
will see what can be done to involve more people. And has this stopped 
those bashing at them? No. They keep it going.

I know they are provoking devs on purpose (saying something multiple 
times does not make it more true/clever), but I keep responding so that 
people like you do not think they are automatically right because they 
voice their side of the story over and over again. I (with my entire 
country) was victim of tendentious news reports about the civil war in 
my country. I have seen vicious false reporting and I can not stand such 
approach on either side in this flame war.

Devs do respond to harsh for my taste, but I understand where their pent 
up negative energy is coming from. So I forgive them their humanity 
(being only human).