[CentOS] CentOS-5.5 Live CD & netinstall

Fri Apr 8 20:41:14 UTC 2011
Phil Schaffner <Philip.R.Schaffner at NASA.gov>

m.roth at 5-cent.us wrote on 04/08/2011 04:10 PM:
> What you have to do is tell it no bootloader, then before you reboot at
> the end of the install, use<f-2>  or whatever to get to another screen,
> then... lessee, I forget if it's mounted the install as /mnt/sysimage or
> not, but mount your /boot on the h/d, chroot, edit /boot/grub/device map
> so it shows HD 0,0, and then grub-install /dev/sdb (or whatever). Then
> when you reboot, you should be ok; if not, linux rescue, and do all that.

No need for all that. Just use "Advanced bootloader options" for GRUB 
and change the device order so the target boot device shows up at the 
top of the list.


P.S. Something with your mail client is breaking threading for mine