[CentOS] PCI-X/PCIe RAID controller.

Sun Apr 10 03:12:04 UTC 2011
Drew <drew.kay at gmail.com>

> I guess that depends on whether they can flood an u320 bus. If they are
> 10k/15k rpm drives, I'd think so...

10k rpm drives. I can also get my hands on some retired IBM U320's if
I want to pull them from our shop's boneyard.

> No experience with that particular unit but Supermicro has a good name.
> That would leave whether your mainboard's bus/slot can handle u320
> speeds or not if you do get a u320 card.

The X8SAX board I'm upgrading to uses a PCIe to PCI-X bridge chip to
handle the two PCI-X slots. Based on my read of the manual, the x4
link used on the PCIe side of the bridge is sufficient to drive a pair
of PCI-X 133 slots at full capacity.


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