[CentOS] How to verify all dependencies are being met

Mon Apr 11 01:00:39 UTC 2011
Stephen Harris <lists at spuddy.org>

On Mon, Apr 11, 2011 at 12:33:56AM +0200, Ljubomir Ljubojevic wrote:
> > Is there an easy way to determine what rpms might be missing?  I'd hoped
> > to use something like "rpm -qR" against each of the installed packages,
> > but that output isn't simply converted to rpm package names.

> Try something like this:
> yum reinstall $(yum list installed | awk '{print $1}')

Hmm, interesting idea.  Not too efficient, and could possibly break
config files if the rpm isn't well formed.  But, hmm... interesting.

This led me to "yum deplist"... which sounds like it might also be
usable.  Not quite clean-cut but a definite possibility!