[CentOS] 5.6 - SRPM's

Mon Apr 11 13:55:54 UTC 2011
Robert Nichols <rnicholsNOSPAM at comcast.net>

On 04/11/2011 05:53 AM, Tom Brown wrote:
>>> I'm hazarding a guess here - that the os/{i386,x86_64}/CentOS/*.rpm's that
>>> have 'centos' in the name have had changes made for CentOS. The others
>>> have not and the sources are available from upstream at eg
>>> http://mirrors.kernel.org/redhat/redhat/linux/enterprise/5Server/en/os/SRPMS/
>>> Can anyone please confirm/deny that?
>> Oh well, so much for that idea! According to the release notes
>> (http://wiki.centos.org/Manuals/ReleaseNotes/CentOS5.6) there is a list
>> of packages modified by centos - and that includes httpd. So the
>> absence of 'centos' in the release string does _not_ mean that the
>> package is unmodified (ie it's merely re-built).
>> Sigh!!! Just have to wait for the centos SRPMS then
> for me i do remove the repo's during kickstart however during an
> upgrade they'll come back unless they are removed from the package.

Instead of removing the unwanted .repo files, replace them with empty files.
That way an upgrade should just result in a .rpmnew file being created.

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