[CentOS] whats the package that allows copy and paste between windows

Mon Apr 11 13:58:55 UTC 2011
Robert Heller <heller at deepsoft.com>

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> What is the package that allows copy and paste between windows?
> I think I need to yum reinstall it.
> after the 5.6 update I get the copy button when I right click - (for 
> example in thunderbird)
> put when I then goto a console window and try to right click and paste 
> the paste is grey-ed or ghosted.
> Is there a package that controls the clip board or something?

No there is not.  The clip board is part of X11 itself -- if X11 is
installed (if X11 is not installed, then you can't run the graphical
user interface or any GUI applications like thunderbird or firefox)
then the copy and paste logic is installed (or at least the low-level
part of it, eg the clip board -- each application implements the higher
level part, including the right-click menus.

Not all applications talk to all other applications (for a whole pile
of reasons).  It has to do with the type of 'data' being copied and
pasted. Not all applications can copy or paste all types of data. Yes,
you can copy and paste stuff other than plain text and not all copying
and pasting is with plain text (almost all applications can copy and
paste plain text).  If you are trying to copy HTML text from
thunderbird to a "console window" (I think you mean a GNome terminal),
this is not going to work.  And you certainally can't copy an image
from thunderbird to a GNome terminal.  

> Thanks
> Jerry
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