[CentOS] whats the package that allows copy and paste between windows

Mon Apr 11 15:13:45 UTC 2011
Jerry Geis <geisj at pagestation.com>

Jerry Geis wrote:
> What is the package that allows copy and paste between windows?
> I think I need to yum reinstall it.
> after the 5.6 update I get the copy button when I right click - (for 
> example in thunderbird)
> put when I then goto a console window and try to right click and paste 
> the paste is grey-ed or ghosted.
> Is there a package that controls the clip board or something?
> Thanks
> Jerry
Sorry if wasnt explicit.  Take an even simpler case
I can highlight some text in firefox and right click and copy,
I then cannot paste that text into an email with thunderbird.
I get the menu item actually to paste but when I select it nothing 
I am certain I have done this in the past.

Lets leave the gnome-terminal out of the picture.

So I was wondering the if there is a particular package I could try 
But it sounds like its "built" into X so I doubt it.
Anything else to try before doing a fresh install?

Thanks so much,