[CentOS] ext4 not on a bootable partition

Mon Apr 11 19:50:06 UTC 2011
Robert Nichols <rnicholsNOSPAM at comcast.net>

On 04/11/2011 11:04 AM, Brunner, Brian T. wrote:
> centos-bounces at centos.org wrote:
>> Just tried running a configuration on 5.6 with ext4 as the "/"
>> partitition. I got the error that cannot boot ext4 partition.
>> bummer.... I know this is just a boot issue and make the ext3 but I
>> was disappointed.
>> Maybe 6.0 will have ext4 bootable.
> I installed new (no upgrade) SL6.0, and ext4 was an available selection
> for all partitions except swap and my existing ntfs drive.

Yes, GRUB has understood ext4 since grub-0.97-52 (June, 2009).  The
version 0.97-13.5 in CentOS 5.6 doesn't include that.

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