[CentOS] 5.6 update experience - EXCELLENT!

Tue Apr 12 03:44:22 UTC 2011
Devin Reade <gdr at gno.org>

Being the chickensh*t that I am when it comes to upgrading production
machines, I gave things a few days before upgrading a CentOS 5.5
pacemaker-1.0.10 / corosync-1.2.7  cluster to CentOS 5.6 (so that I
can see what, if anything, was going wrong with other installations).

Echoing other peoples' experiences, this has gone absolutely painlessly.
Thanks and kudos to the CentOS team.

And doing a painless rolling upgrade on the cluster, thus minimizing
the service outage to a few tens of seconds was *really* nice.

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