[CentOS] CentOs 5.6 and Time Sync

Wed Apr 13 19:35:43 UTC 2011
Cal Webster <cwebster at ec.rr.com>

On Wed, 2011-04-13 at 15:10 -0400, Mailing List wrote:
> On 4/13/2011 2:50 PM, Cal Webster wrote:
>        The ntp server does connect to the internet fine. the version of 
> ntp is as follows.
> ntp-4.2.2p1-9.el5.centos.2.1
>    The time is not off by a matter of minutes or I would not crab so 
> much. It gets to the point of being more then an hour off after setting 
> it. And also Dovecot dies after setting the tuime so much.
>    As I had posted before, I never had any issue with the sync till I 
> updated to 5.6. And whe I rolled it back to the old kernel time and sync 
> went along flawlessly.
> Brian.

I'm running the same kernel and ntp versions and I'm having no problems
at all on ntp servers or clients.

If my previous suggestions didn't help maybe you could share contents of
the following files and output of some commands so the list can see what
you've got.


grep ntpd /var/log/messages*
(please remove repeated messages for clarity)

Most recent entries in /var/log/ntpd.log

SELinux could also be playing a role.

Are you running SELinux enabled, permissive, or disabled?
What mode was it running before it stopped working?
Are there any possibly related "avc" messages in /var/log/messages
or /var/audit/audit.log?