[CentOS] 40TB File System Recommendations

Thu Apr 14 10:54:34 UTC 2011
John Jasen <jjasen at realityfailure.org>

On 04/13/2011 09:04 PM, Ross Walker wrote:
> On Apr 13, 2011, at 7:26 PM, John Jasen <jjasen at realityfailure.org> wrote:

<snipped my stuff>

> Every now and then I hear these XFS horror stories. They seem too impossible to believe.
> Nothing breaks for absolutely no reason and failure to know where the breakage was shows that maybe there wasn't adequately skilled techinicians for the technology deployed.

Waving your hands and insulting the people who went through XFS failures
doesn't make me feel any better or make the problems not have occurred.

I would presume that we were lucky enough to have technicians on-site
skilled enough to track the problems down to XFS itself.

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