[CentOS] [OT] ups advice

Thu Apr 14 17:54:33 UTC 2011
Devin Reade <gdr at gno.org>

Partially echoing what was already said:

- Stick to APC

- Avoid the low end "workstation" models like the plain BackUPS.
  As a minimum get a BackUPS-Pro. SmartUPS are better.

- Use the sizing app on the APC web site

- Careful of your mains power.  Besides what was mentioned for
  generators, accidentally chaining an APC UPS into AC provided
  by a server room UPS can kill the downstream UPS.

- For controlled shutdowns on battery exhaustion, check out apcupsd.

- Decide whether your UPS will power one server or a few.  If you're
  powering a few, decide whether the control is master-slave (which
  you can do with a serial/USB cable to the master, then network
  to the slaves), or if you need the more expensive setup where the
  UPS talks directly to multiple servers.  I think the former is fine
  (as long as your network switches are on the UPS), but ymmv.