[CentOS] Two cleanly installed CentOS 5.6 servers but with different Xen kernel versions

Fri Apr 15 15:13:28 UTC 2011
Cal Webster <cwebster at ec.rr.com>

On Fri, 2011-04-15 at 17:00 +0200, Hans Vos wrote:
> Hello,
> > Ryan is right. The mirrors need to sync up. That's most likely the
> > cause. Still, it's curious why you have two kernels listed in grub.conf
> > and only one listed from yum. You should also see the 2.6.18-238.el5xen
> > kernel listed.
> Well, I copied the /var/cache/yum/timedhosts.txt file from server 1 to 
> server 2. Then run yum update and all kinds of errors came flying at me. 
> So I just SCP'ed the whole /var/cache/yum directory of server 1 to 
> server 2. Ran yum update and there were the updates I was missing 
> including the new kernel-xen. I don't know if this was the *proper* way 
> of fixing it but it did the job :P.
You shouldn't need to copy the timedhosts.txt file the "fastestmirrors"
yum plugin should recreate it. You might check /var/log/yum.log
or /var/log/messages to make some sense of the errors. I don't see any
harm in using the cache from the other machine, though.