[CentOS] glibc-2.5-58.el5_6.2.i686 broken?

Sun Apr 17 19:42:07 UTC 2011
Phil Schaffner <Philip.R.Schaffner at NASA.gov>

Leonard den Ottolander wrote on 04/17/2011 01:37 PM:
>...It's a general request that if people are aware of
> breakage in upcoming updates to report it to this list.

Agree.  I would advocate posting it to this list and making it part of 
the Announcement post as well.  This issue was discussed on IRC channels 
(#centos-devel and/or #centos-qa - don't remember with certainty) and 
Akemi made the forum post, so it was known by those who were paying 
attention to those specific venues.  A wider reporting of an issue of 
this magnitude is certainly warranted.

> I think I set a good example by reporting the breakage in
> xorg-x11-server-utils.

Also mentioned in the forum thread, and thanks.

> The issue is a bit more severe than just breaking evolution. It also
> breaks the gnome desktop by crashing gnome panels.

The use of the SL5 packages is working well for me - also discussed 
extensively in the forum thread.  Linked again here: