[CentOS] Centos 6 Update?

Tue Apr 19 06:16:08 UTC 2011
Benjamin Smith <lists at benjamindsmith.com>

Below, please find much praise for the developers who really deserve it! 

On Sunday, April 10, 2011 03:24:22 AM Johnny Hughes wrote:
> The goal of the centos project is to produce an RPM that is exactly like
> the upstream RPM in every way that is legally possible.
> The checks we do look at libraries that binaries link to, size of the
> packages and a list of the files the RPM installs.
> We would like for all RPMS to be 100%, some (like the example above) are
> not able to be linked against the same environment.
> Upstream sometimes uses non released gcc's for compiling or they
> sometimes build with non-released kernels or non released glibc's etc.
> In those cases, we will do the best we can.
> We do check these issues as part of the QA process and we do address
> each one that we can.

The first distro I used that wasn't directly from Red Hat was White Box 
Enterprise Linux. It worked well, until Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, and 
from that day forward, not much happened. =/ 

After several dry runs in a sandbox environment, I switched my (then, one) 
production server to CentOS. It was hard to believe that all I had to do was 
switch a few RPMS. That same server and software image is still in production 
to this day! 

Times have changed, my needs have changed with them. I now have some 20 
production servers, all still running CentOS 4. Updates have been timely, and 
the servers have been incredibly stable. Our primary cluster has sustained 
much better than 99.99% uptime for years, a combination of good quality, white 
label hardware,  (usually SuperMicro) appropriate redundancy, careful software 
design, and CentOS that holds up very well in the real world. 

In truth, I wish that RedHat had a $5/month option like they did originally.  
It was cost-effective, and I never wanted or needed additional support. But the 
obscene amounts Red Hat currently wants for their "Enterprise" line is a non-
starter for an organization the size of mine. 

So, CentOS has been a life-saver for me! It's rock-solid stable, security is 
excellent, and the quality shows every single day as I serve millions of hits 
on our extensive, web-based application with confidence and flair. The wait for 
EL 6 has only been a nail-biter because Red Hat took so long to release RHEL 6 
in the first place. (I waited almost 2 years before there was an EL 6 beta to 
play with!) I look forward to a complete rollout/replacement of all my EL4 
servers with EL6 as soon as it's available and suitable regression testing has 
taken place, with the task hopefully complete by Christmas 2011. 

I wish to offer my deepest thanks and appreciation to a job well done to the 
developers and administrators of the CentOS project. 

Keep up the good work! 


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