[CentOS] Can anyone post a working pppd config?

Tue Apr 19 21:55:19 UTC 2011
Olaf Mueller <daily-planet at istari.de>

compdoc wrote:

>>> I just need a "temporary" pppoe server, that only uses PAP
>> >___Can someone post a howto, just in a few lines, what to do?[...]
>>You have posted this at least to three groups (centos, fedora,
>>ubuntu). No-one here should waste time in answering your mail
> Maybe he just needs a quick answer. I never knew there were limits to
> who you can ask or what forums you can visit or the mailing lists you
> can use.
Good to know that this is ok. I will internalize it.

> What are you doing reading all those mailing lists, hmm?
Computer Science. What are the lists about? Think twice.

And what are you doing, answering to my post but not to help the
original poster although his intentions are all right for you?
You should give him an howto in your own words to hand. That is the best
way to show me that I am wrong. So, spend some time and help him.