[CentOS] Centos 6 Update?

Wed Apr 20 22:25:06 UTC 2011
Ian Murray <murrayie at yahoo.co.uk>

>  But to allude to
> him as a  respected industry member is greatly stretching things when
> every article  that mentions CentOS is disparaging and I can't recall any
> article even  ending on a positive note.  

Try google: http://lwn.net/Articles/123934/

(For the record, I couldn't find any previous disparaging comments from him... I 
stopped at page 6)

Maybe he is a hack, I have no clue. But he is a hack with a fairly big 
linux-focused audience that repeated a few home truths (in my opinion). I am 
using it to try to illustrate how the status quo is harming the project. If that 
isn't important to you or you don't agree, that's fine.


> >  You may agree or disagree with his conclusion but his facts are a
> >  reflexion of the CentOS lists.
> No.  His conclusions are rehashed,  sometimes verbatim, from this list
> and the same vocal and tiny minority of  users; and that's one of the
> problems I have with his style of one-sided  journalism - there are two
> sides to most every story and when you concentrate  solely on the
> negative aspects you are doing your readers a grave  disservice.

And those that think everything is peachy are also a tiny minority as far as we 
know, because I reckon 95%+ of CentOS users never post on the list. I wish 
people would stop stating what the *think* as *fact*.

> > If CentOS had a communication policy, it could spare  itself these
> > types of articles...
> No.  These types of  articles will continue to appear whether there is a
> communications "policy"  or not. 

In my opinion, what a load of clap-trap. If that was the case, then every 
community project irrespective of governance would get "these" types of articles 
and as far as I can tell, that just aint the case!

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