[CentOS] User accounts management for small office

Thu Apr 21 18:51:35 UTC 2011
m.roth at 5-cent.us <m.roth at 5-cent.us>

Jeff Boyce wrote:
> Greetings -
> This may be a little off-topic here so if someone wants to point me to a
> more appropriate mailing list I would appreciate it.
> The issue that I would like to be able to resolve when the new server is
> installed, is that currently if a user wants to change the password on
> their Windows workstation, I have to manually update that new password
on the
> Linux user account, and also manually change the Samba user account.
> Manually updating the password in three different locations is a minor
> headache that I would like to correct.  I have been researching and
You *could* do it with openldap, with the WinDoze boxen authenticating
through that. Now, I'll warn you that though it may have improved, a few
years ago, openldap was a nightmare to configure, the documentation
dreadull where it wasn't almost useless, and googling involved a *lot* of

However, I did put it in in '06 for what wound up to be about 14 or 15
folks, and it worked, and they could change passwords themselves.