[CentOS] How to install binutils-devel on Centos Linux5.5

Fri Apr 22 00:17:16 UTC 2011
Phil Schaffner <Philip.R.Schaffner at NASA.gov>

Frank Chang wrote on 04/21/2011 05:36 PM:
> Simon Matter and Ned Slider, Thank you for your answers. This afternoon
> , I installed binutils-devel on Centos Linux 5.5. Then , I installed all
> the QT packages except for the two QT client packages.
> When I ran ./configure --with-kernel-support on the OProfile Linux
> profiler distribution 0.9.6, I get the warning: a working QT was not
> found: no GUI was built. How do I resolve this issue on Centos Linux
> 5.5? Thank you.

First, the current release is 5.6, so 5.5 is unsupported.

More than likely, the QT package on CentOS is not new enough to be 
compatible with a Fedora 14 package.  Either run Fedora, wait for 
CentOS-6 which has a better chance of working, or try an evaluation copy 
of RHEL6, or give Scientific Linux 6 a test drive in the interim.