[CentOS] Attaching LinkSys WRT54GL to CentOS machine

Mon Apr 25 19:28:09 UTC 2011
Florin Andrei <florin at andrei.myip.org>

That's exactly how I have my home network configured. Had it for many 
years actually.

There's a Linux box that is the central point of the network. It has 
several network cards: one for the cable modem, another for the WiFi 
access point, another for the local LAN.

On the cable modem, I just get an IP address via DHCP from the provider.

The WiFi access point is connected to the server via a loopback Ethernet 
cable actually. There's no need to use a switch when there are only 2 
devices connected. Also, in this setup, there's no point to use a WiFi 
router - a simple WiFi access point is much better. The Linux server 
becomes the router.

The third network card goes into a switch that connects all the local LAN.

The Linux box does NAT for all the networks behind it. Also runs a local 
DNS cache and stuff like that.

Florin Andrei