[CentOS] CentOS 5.6 x86_64 hosting unreachable Virtualbox 4.0.6 bridged guests

Tue Apr 26 09:26:08 UTC 2011
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 04/26/2011 03:28 AM, Philippe wrote:
> Hi,
> On a box running CentOS 5.6 x86_64 and Virtualbox 4.0.6, I have 
> configured 2 guests (WinXP x86 + CentOS 5.6 x86_64) in bridged mode.
> The hosting box and the two guests are dhcp enabled. The hosting box 
> get its address normally, but the 2 hosted systems fail to get theirs.
> The dhcp server log tells : DHCPDISCOVER from 08:00:xx:xx:xx:xx via 
> em0: network xx.xx/16: no free leases.
> When changing from dhcp to static ip in the CentOS guest, 'service 
> network restart' does not report any errors, but the guest keeps 
> unreachable from the outside : pinging the guest works some times, but 
> trying to reach the guest with ssh, http, or ftp always fail, with or 
> whitout iptables enabled on the host and/or the guests.
> Please note that:
> - Kernel and softwares on the hosting CentOS are up-to-date, the box 
> has an Intel Corporation 82567LM-3 Gigabit Network Connection (rev 02) 
> NIC, does not have an Intel VT compliant CPU (Pentium E5700), but 
> VT/AMD-V enabled in bios.
> - The host is not configured in bridged mode (does not have a br 
> interface configured), Oracle telling that bridged mode on the host is 
> not required to run Virtualbox guests in bridged mode.
> - The 2 guests work perfectly in NAT mode, but this mode is not an 
> option for me.
> - The same 2 guests work perfectly in bridged mode on another same 
> hosting box running Fedora 14.
> Is anyone experimenting the same difficulties with Virtualbox on CentOS 
> 5.6 ? I don't know where to search to solve this problem.
> Thanks for your help !

Some things to check:

1.  Make sure the user that is running the VMs is in the vboxusers group.

2.  What is the status of SELinux on the host CentOS and the Guest
CentOS.  For troubleshooting purposes I would turn SELinux off on both
hosts .. if nothing changes, turn them back on.

Although, if they work correctly in NAT mode, then those are likely OK.

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