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Tue Apr 26 18:16:28 UTC 2011
Brunner, Brian T. <BBrunner at gai-tronics.com>

centos-bounces at centos.org wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 26, 2011 at 5:24 AM, Steve Clark
> <sclark at netwolves.com> wrote:
>> Anybody know the reason RedHat decided not to support the
>> VIA Eden Processor?
>  (snip)
>> I traced it down to this code, which is not in the standard
>> kernel.org kernel- from kernel-
>> static void __cpuinit early_init_centaur(struct cpuinfo_x86 *c) {
>>     switch (c->x86) {
>> from 2.6.32-71.24.1.el6.ayplus
>> arch/x86/kernel/cpu/centaur.c
>> static void __cpuinit early_init_centaur(struct cpuinfo_x86 *c) {
>>         mark_hardware_unsupported("Centaur Processor");   <<<<<<<<<<
>>         switch (c->x86) {
> Chances are you will not get a definitive answer from the CentOS
> people. So, you'd need to ask those who actually added the code.
> Question is whether this was done by Fedora or by RHEL devs.
> Akemi <<<<<===== note: CentOS person.

Can you not that line and re-compile the kernel?
CentOS puts out a centosplus kernel based on the original plus good ideas.
If that line of code is not central to preventing kernel panics, nop it out and run with it.
Tell the CeontOSPlus people whether it works.

//me <<<<<=== Note: NOT a CentOS person.

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