[CentOS] Install CentOS as KVM guest

Thu Apr 28 07:48:11 UTC 2011
Simon Grinberg <simon at redhat.com>

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> Subject: Re: [CentOS] Install CentOS as KVM guest
> Unfortunately, things still don't work.
> <rant>
> It's just ridiculous that the installer under KVM does not detect the
> cdrom drive it was booted from. Trying to do a net-install doesn't
> work, maybe I messed up the networking even though br0 and eth0 is
> working on the host.
> Nevermind, let's install apache and use the mounted ISO. Verified
> apache is working and the CentOS folder is accessible via web browser.
> But, still the guest installer cannot seem to access the installation
> files.
> OK, so maybe I messed up the networking, after all I am the noob...
> maybe specifying --network=bridge:br0 isn't enough. There was
> something about a tap or tunnel when initially reading up on bridged
> networking. Looking up more on this, there are several resources
> (sorry KVM FAQ leads to a page that no longer exist) which like many
> other instructions, give the commands without really explaining
> what/why.
> So I have to run some tunctl command and scripts to add a bridge and
> tunnel/tap... but wait, I already made my bridge, will running the
> script kill my networking by creating a second bridge? Especially the
> warning about temporarily loosing connectivity due to ifcfg1 being
> reset.
> And if I need to run this script everytime in order to activate the
> bridge and tunnel, doesn't that mean all my guest OS are screwed if
> the host reboots while I'm not around? Shouldn't these things go into
> permanent files like if-tun0 or something?
> Every year, I get a little closer to not using VMWare but it seems
> like this year is going to be victory for VMWare again.

What version of VMWare are you using?

> CC to kvm mailing list but I expect, like my previous request for help
> to the list, it will be rejected by mailman or a moderator.
> </rant>
> Just damn frustrated, even if it's probably just me being too stupid
> to know how to use KVM.
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