[CentOS] Curious fdisk report on large disk

Thu Apr 28 09:06:15 UTC 2011
Timothy Murphy <gayleard at eircom.net>

Robert Nichols wrote:

> Actually, if it were my drive I would just re-create the 4 primary
> partitions using whatever tool was handy, but giving that extended
> partition a "normal" type instead.  Once I had the primary partitions
> looking right, then I'd go in with a hex editor and change the type code
> to "5" for that partition.  Listing the partition table again with fdisk
> should now show that everything is back.  (It's very unlikely that any
> of those secondary partition tables got overwritten when you
> essentially turned the whole disk into one giant DOS file system.)

I think I'd better wait until I have acquired a large external drive,
and backed up everything!

But re your method, couldn't I just use fdisk to change the type of sdb4?