[CentOS] LDAPs causing System Message Bus to hang when there's no network

Thu Apr 28 15:03:55 UTC 2011
Mattias Geniar <mattias at nucleus.be>

> Yes, the bug is actually older than that---Don't know if it's only RH
> based systems (as so many things seem to work everywhere but RH and
> their offshoots) or ldap.
> You should be able to fix it by changing /etc/ldap.conf.  There is a
> default commented line in there
> #bind_policy hard
> Uncomment it, change it to soft.  (On the client.)  Note this is
> /etc/ldap.conf--in Fedora, if that's the client, I believe it's now
> /etc/pam_ldap.conf or possibly /etc/nss_ldap.conf.
> I can't find the earlier bug at first glance, but it's FAR older than
> 2010, and they never bothered to fix it.
> > Has anyone else ever solved this to still be able to keep the group
> > entry in nsswitch.conf without having a server hang on boot if
> > no network?
> See above.  Darn, I wish I could find that older bug, so that I could
> to the newer one you mention and point out that they've been unable to
> fix it for far longer than a year.  :)  (I might do it anyway)
> Grouchily yours,  (Not at you, at RH for being unable to get such a
> basic thing to work--actually, at one point, Fedora changed
> to soft so that it would work, but now they're back to the broken
> --
> Scott Robbins

Hi Scott,

In case you're wondering, this is about the oldest entry (2006):

The bind_policy didn't seem to have the wanted effect with me, it kept
trying to connect to LDAP server even after 10+ failed attempts, taking
1m50s on each and every attempt.

I read quite a few topics on that solving the issue, but it didn't seem
to be that case in my environment.
Are there other workarounds/tips if the bind_policy doesn't work? The
rc.local  hack seems ... ugly ... and embarrassing if a client would
ever find it out. :-)