[CentOS] I have RHel6. How does that turn into Centos 6?

Fri Apr 29 20:08:31 UTC 2011
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 04/29/2011 02:49 PM, Paul Johnson wrote:
>> That "good faith effort" is required for all packages (GPL or not).
>> And yes, it is legally necessary make that good faith effort not to
>> infringe upon someone else's trademarks.
>> This is specifically called out here:
>> http://www.redhat.com/about/companyprofile/trademark/
> I've just read that document and it seems to say that you could take
> all of the RPMs exactly as they are built by RedHat and include them
> on a disk, and you can label the disk "Centos 6", and you are
> completely within the guidelines.

Except for 2 SRPMS files you COULD do that.  These 2 you can not do that


Specifically from the PDF file:
You must modify the files identified as REDHAT-LOGOS and ANACONDA-IMAGES
so as to remove all use of images containing the “Red Hat” trademark or
Red Hat’s Shadowman logo. Note that mere deletion of these files may
corrupt the software.

However, as I said, you also have to make a good faith effort to not
infringe ... and there are many other things that are infringing.

And not only that ... as I stated before, the CentOS project will not
distribute files we did not generate (because the files have to be
signed).  We are not going to generate sign files made by someone else
or publish files signed by someone else.

Then there is also the case of the "compilation" and the files that
would need to be changed because you had to change the two files above.

But, legally, yes, someone COULD distribute some of the RH files.

But if someone tells you that FILEA has infringing content, then you
have to remove it.  As I said, Red Hat has made a good faith effort to
put all the images in those 2 SRPMS, but they are not all in there.
There are many other places where things need to be changed to be within
the spirit of the requirement.

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