[CentOS] remote syslog question

Sat Dec 3 17:21:25 UTC 2011
Tilman Schmidt <t.schmidt at phoenixsoftware.de>

Am 03.12.2011 00:04, schrieb fred smith:
> I've got my router using syslog on my centos box to log the router's
> system events. Works fine.
> however, it mixes 'em into /var/log/messages along with the messages
> from the Centos box itself.
> is there a way to separate them into itsown (set of??) files? So far
> I've not come up with anything.

Every syslog daemon I know of (even good old syslogd classic) is able
to direct messages to different files depending on their facility and
priority. Most routers send their messages with one of the "local"
facilities (local0 .. local7), though it's frequently neither
documented nor configurable, at least with the cheap consumer grade
models. OTOH, on a typical CentOS system little else uses the local*
facility. So chances are if you configure your syslog daemon to log
all of the local* facilities to a file /var/log/router and not to
/var/log/messages you'll end up with just the router messages in


Tilman Schmidt
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