[CentOS] 6.1 .iso size?

Mon Dec 5 16:13:55 UTC 2011
Beartooth <beartooth at comcast.net>

On Mon, 05 Dec 2011 17:03:12 +0100, Dennis Jacobfeuerborn wrote:
> PAE means physical address extension and allows 32bit cpus to make use
> of memory beyond the 4gb limit addressable with 32bit.
> Centos/RHEL 6 doesn't support cpus without this as it's hard to come by
> a machine these days that doesn't have this extension.
> So basically your hardware is too old to run Centos 6.

	Aaarrghh! And also Rats! The T42 is my *newer* laptop. (I admit I 
seldom do much with either; but one or the other always lives in the 
guest room for the convenience of anyone who may be visiting without.) 
Sounds like I better go check whether Omega Linux is still current ....

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