[CentOS] Perl package problems

Thu Dec 15 20:23:47 UTC 2011
Ljubomir Ljubojevic <office at plnet.rs>

Vreme: 12/15/2011 08:32 PM, Anne Wilson piše:
> On 12/15/2011 04:24 PM, Ljubomir Ljubojevic wrote:
>> Here is how I decided to setup third party repositories:
>> http://rpms.plnet.rs/CentDOS.repo
>> There are few changes needed like "torakat" repo with now centosplus
>> kernels.
> Can you explain, please, about those "exclude=*releases" statements?
> What exactly are they excluding?

I use "exclude=*releases" so I no repository release package (like 
"centos-release", or "epel-release") will update/install *.repo files in 
/etc/yum/repos.d/ and in doing so add repository entries not controled 
by me.

But there is an error I just saw, it should be "exclude=*release", 
without the trailing "s". I will have to fix this as soon as possible.


When I install CentOS systems, I move original *.repo files to backup 
subdirectory because they do not contain "Enabled=" and "Priorities=" 
lines, and leave only my own .repo file. If there is no 
"exclude=*release" line, then next update of xxx-release would see that 
their .repo files are missing and would reinstall them. "New" .repo 
files would then circumvent priorities plugin and all my work was for 


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