[CentOS] Plymouth "Failed to read image"

Tue Dec 27 15:22:49 UTC 2011
夜神 岩男 <supergiantpotato at yahoo.co.jp>

On 12/27/2011 11:32 PM, 夜神 岩男 wrote:
> I'm trying to learn more about Plymouth, but am having trouble finding
> sufficient documentation on it.
> Perhaps the error message is just confusing me.
> If it is just the background image, then what is not valid about the
> splash.xpm.gz now? I've reduced it to 14 indexed colors, 640x480
> resolution (which I thought were the criteria?).

A little more information.

It seems the image issue really is with visual images, not data sort.

The problem I'm having is that the background cannot be updated. At all. 
For some reason the screen will now redraw, but only on the foreground.

-So the grub splash cannot be drawn.

+But the Plymouth theme can run correctly.

-Then the gdm splash cannot be drawn (leaves a frozen image of whatever 
the last Plymouth loading image was)

+But then a desktop can be loaded and drawn just fine (but its slower to 
load than previously)

-Then if the screen is locked the lock screen (blank) will never get 
overdrawn at all

+But entering a password blind brings a mouse pointer back on the black 
screen, and you can see the pointer change as it passes over items known 
to be on the desktop.

-Other ttys can be accessed, but not seen when Ctrl+Alt+F# is used.

Has anyone ever experienced this sort of behavior with gdm, plymouth or 
X in general? I'm confused, but at least the problem is narrowed down to 
whatever controls the splash/gdm-background/lock layer of display.