[CentOS] Is Biarch with 6.x now dead?

Wed Dec 28 23:02:03 UTC 2011
Michael Lampe <lampe at gcsc.uni-frankfurt.de>

Reindl Harald wrote:

> it IS DIRTY because it does NOT remove obsoleted files
> and yes i have seen environemnets where as example mysql did not
> compile any longer as long all pieces of the old version were not
> deleted manually

Hardly ever do I type 'make install'. I stick to 
Base/Updates/Epel/Elrepo. Only if it's really necessary do I install 
other stuff. And I normally put quite some effort into it: I produce 
proper RPMs.

> working on a modern OS beside the apckage-managment is just silly
> you have no clear dependencies, you have no migration-path, you
> have no clean rollback - you are doing a dirty job working so

Well ...

I'll tell the users of our cluster (which I happen to manage as an 
extra) that they cannot submit any jobs any longer because their stuff 
is not and cannot be installed as an RPM ...